Stretcher bars for oil paintings, Gallery Wrap Bars and Heavy Duty Canvas Stretching Pliers

Oil Painting canvas wood stretching Strips, Stretcher bars, wood  bars, painting support bars

Standard Stretcher Bars

11/16 in. x 1 3/4 in.

Sizes in Stock:

  8" $0.84 ea
10" $1.20 ea
16" $1.84 ea
20" $2.50 ea
24" $2.80 ea
30" $3.50 ea
36" $4.50 ea
40" $4.90 ea
48" $6.20 ea

Cross Bars size 24, 30, 36 inches also available price half of the stretcher bars.

Available in sizes shown ONLY

You pay the actual shipping and packaging cost on all orders of stretcher bars

Bars are 3/4 inches by 1 5/8 inches wide
Canvas on wood Stretcher bars back of painting

Stretcher Bars for Oil painting canvas

What are Stretcher Bars and Gallery Wrap Bars?

Stretcher bars are the pieces of wood that stretch and support the canvas. Standard bars need a frame, Gallery Wrap are to be use without a frame

Order your paintings stretched and framed, look at the low prices on frames, we have unbeatable values. Learn how to use stretcher bars to stretch your own painting

I found your web site as I was looking for someone to stretch and frame my painting without charging an arm and a leg. You charged me $93 including shipping for what others were asking as much as $600 W.L.

Paintings, portrait and reproduction can be shipped on bars and set in frames. Your paintings can be stretched, set in one of our frame and shipped ready to hang. Visit the shipping page for charges. Your cost will be lower then shown depending on your location and quantity.

Thank you for your business

Why get your oil paintings ship rolled, order your painting from American Artists on BARS and set in a FRAME

Gallery Wrap Bars
Heavy Duty Studio

Gallery Wrap wood stretcher bar, wide bars for painting, large stretching bars, no frame stretcher bars

Bars are 1 1/2 inches by 1 3/8
To be used without a frame

Canvas need 1 1/2 inches more on each side then the size of the gallery wrap bars to cover sides

Sizes in Stock:

12" $3.89 ea
16" $4.29 ea
20" $4.89 ea
24" $5.29 ea
32" $6.49 ea
40" $8.49 ea

20 bars or more
Free Shipping

Heavy Duty Canvas
Stretching Pliers Tool

Professional canvas stretching tool at discount price of exceptional quality. Perfectly mating rounded teeth secure no-slip professional Canvas Stretching Pliers Tool. Overall size: 8.5 inches long, Jaws 3.5 inches. Pliers with hammer jaw to be use as a lever for extra strong pull on all canvas and as a tack hammer. Will last a life time

Discount price of ONLY $29.90

No longer available !!!

Professional quality pliers for stretching painting canvas over stretcher bars
These stretching pliers will last a lifetime

We don't sell
Cheap Hobby Canvas Pliers

Chrome Hobby Stretching Pliers do not grip or last. Heavy Duty Stretcher pliers are strong with wide jaws

Charges for stretching and shipping standard oil paintings purchase from others on the Shipping Page

Free Shipping on all paintings

Oil painting on canvas of Roybal, Abstracts, Animals, Boats, Clipper, Cottages, Flowers, Landscapes, Seascapes, Mdeiterranean, Modern, Women ...

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J. Roybal
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Street Scenes
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