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Cleaning your Oil Painting :
The method the Art conservator use is to take a Q-tip and dip it in Isopropyl Alcohol. Place your wet Q-tip between your index and thumb and twirl it sideways across the canvas. This will remove the grime and the smoke that has accumulate over the years. To remove varnish on your painting use turpentine.

Need an appraisal for an old painting?
Most art gallery or antique dealer can give you an appraisal. Please don't send appraisal questions we cannot appraise your art; visit someone in your area.

Want to restore your old damage painting?
Most paintings are made of many layers of paint that can age and fall apart in different ways. Restoration is best left to the pros; if you have more then 10% of your painting severely damage, the cost of restoration can become very high.

How do I take care of my brushes?
Always clean your brushes immediately after use. Use baby oil to clean the fresh paint out, this will keep your brush like new and remove most of the paint before cleaning with soap; reapply a little on the bristles before storing; keeps your hand soft too. Never let the paint dry on your brush. Do not overload your brush with paint; this allows the paint to work up into the ferrule. The paint will become hard and impossible to get out.
Always clean your brushes by working the paint out from the ferrule toward the tip of the brush. Never leave your brushes in liquid for extended periods of time. This will ruin the shape of your brush. It also makes the wood of the handle swell, allowing the ferrule to become loose when the wood dries out. This can cause the paint in the handle to crack and pop off.
After cleaning your brushes reshape them to the original shape. You can use hairspray to help keep their shape until the next use.
Store your brushes lying flat or standing upright on the handles. Never store your brush on the hair itself.

A word of wisdom
I have decided to be tolerant, to do so I need to set my pride aside, look the other way when something goes wrong and try to forgive. Wisdom is seeing thing in different perspectives. Inner peace is found when we can put aside ignorance, jealousy and not accept to be victimize   ;-)

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Gallery of Most Popular Artists Reproductions:

Agasse J Laurent
Buttersworth J E
Boucher Francois
Botticelli Sandro
Bouguereau William
Brown Ford Madox
Brugel Pieter
Cassatt Mary
Cezanne Paul
Constable John
Da Vinci Leonardo
Degas Edgar
Delacroix Eugene
Gauguin Paul
Gerome Jean Leon
Goya Francisco de
Homer Winslow
Ingres Jean A D
Landseer Edwin
Leighton Lord Frederick
Lepage Jules Bastien
Lorraine Claude
Macke August
Manet Edouard
Marc Franz
Monet Claude
Moore A Joseph
Morisot Berthe
Pissarro Camille
Reni Guido
Renoir Pierre
Rembrandt van Rijn
Rubens Peter Paul
Gabriel Dante Rossetti
Tadema Sir Alma
Klimt Gustav
Van Gogh

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Old Masters Page 02

Impressionist Paintings 8x10 Ready To Ship

DISCOUNT Paintings in Store

Reproductions and Portrait Oil painting on canvas at the lowest price. No one sells same quality for less

Word of Wisdom
The only difference between FEAR and EXCITEMENT is what we label it; both give the same reaction; one is negative and the other positive. To learn about fear, we need to face it, fear is only an emotion. When doing the things we fear, we free energy, then the fear disappears and when new fears arise we welcome them for the challenge and the new energy it creates.
Enjoy your paintings!!!


“Happiness is a habit – cultivate it.” E.Hubbard
It's never to early or to late to find happiness !

Everyone wants to be happy.

Some people seem happy all the time; what does it take to be happy ? You can't buy it, no one can give it to us.
Does one have to let go sorrow and sadness, does one have to cope better with stress, trauma, distress and emotions ?
Happy people don' let anything take over there life instead ... they love themselves and are honest with themselves and others.
Surround yourself with people that support you, that are happy and can offer you support.
Don't waste energy on what you cannot control or change ; accept situations and others as they are.
See events as they are and appreciate what life gives you, be optimist and enjoy what life brings you.
See beauty around you, in people, in animals, in nature.
Don't care what other think or have to say about you or what you do, this is temporary.
Try new things, be creative, learn, read, smile and live the moment.
Live and appreciate every moment, make the most of what is happening now in front of you.
Be greatful of what you have and enjoy what you do, your work, cleaning, cooking, a movie, a walk, a kiss.
Be happy for what you have : your home, your work, your family and let people know that you love them.
Laugh and find humor in situation ; forgive and forget mistakes, your own and others.
Take care of yourself, body and mind. You are totally responsible for your life and your happiness.
Savor simple pleasures and enjoy life ; relax, always leave things on a good note with a happy ending; stop and smell the roses.
Lets all be happy !!!

I don't mind laughing at myself, I know my imperfections even if I don't make others aware of them or seem superior at times. Laugh with me, I laugh at the world because there is so much to laugh at. This world is a funny place, sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong, I have made many plans that have never materialize but everything turned out ok so far. Seems like everything happen for a reason. I try not to let others take me down and laughter is my best friend, with laughter I can get through anything and enjoy life.

No one sells same quality Oil Paintings for less

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pricing for portraits on canvas, example of portraits that we have produce as custom oil painting and original oil paintings from famous masterpiece portraits and portrait painting from photograph, baby portrait painting, portraiture from antique family photo, family portraits, pet and celebrity artist portrait from photo and art prints. We make changes to your photos by adding background, adding or deleting people, place your head on old masterpiece or any changes you want.

On the Reproduction Page :
Museum gallery of fine art artists reproduced as oil paintings; choose artist from our reproduction gallery or any famous artist paintings that you would like to own. There are millions of images out there, these are the most popular that were painted in the past for clients.

Popular Masterspieces done as oil painting Reproductions for clients :
Albert Joseph Moore oil painting reproduction
August Macke oil painting reproductions
Berthe Morisot also known as Mme Eugene Manet
Buonarroti Michelangelo oil painting reproductions
Caravaggio oil painting reproductions
Cassatt Mary oil painting reproductions
Claude Lorrain oil painting reproductions
Claude Oscar Monet oil painting reproductions
Dante Gabriel Rossetti oil painting reproductions
Edgar Degas oil painting reproductions
Edouard Manet oil painting reproductions
Ford Madox Brown oil painting reproductions
Francisco de Goya oil painting reproductions
Francois Boucher oil painting reproductions
Franz Marc oil painting reproductions
Gustav Klimt oil painting reproductions
Jacques Laurent Agasse oil painting reproductions
James E Buttersworth oil painting reproductions
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres oil painting reproductions
Jean Leon Gerome oil painting reproductions
John Constable oil painting reproductions
Jules Bastien Lepage oil painting reproductions
Leonardo Da Vinci oil painting reproductions
Lord Frederic Leighton oil painting reproductions
Oil painting of Aachen Hans Von, Alexander White, Edward...
Oil painting reproductions of Jan van Huysum, Georg Flegel,
Paul Cezanne oil painting reproductions
Paul Gauguin oil painting reproductions
Pierre Auguste Renoir oil painting reproductions
Pieter Brugel or Bruegel the elder oil painting reproductions
Pissarro oil painting reproductions
Raphael oil painting reproductions, reproduction paintings
Reproduction of Rembrandt van Rijn painting
Sandro Botticelli oil painting reproductions
Sir Edwin Henry Landseer oil painting reproductions
Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema oil painting reproductions
Vincent Van Gogh oil painting reproductions
William Adolphe Bouguereau oil painting reproductions
Winslow Homer oil painting reproductions

Oil Paintings in Stock ready to ship rolled, on stretcher bars or set in frames :
Low price oil paintings in popular sizes and subjects: Abstracts, J. Roybal, Landscape, Seascape, Floral, Still Life, Animals, Clipper, Mediterranean, Modern, Cottages, Women, Street Scenes etc

Paintings Impressionists size 8x10
Paintings Impressionists size 16x20
Paintings Impressionists size 20x24
Oil painting reproduction
Oil Paintings in Stock Main page for all subjects

Oil paintings
Abstract oil painting
Abstract oil paintings 8x10
Abstract oil paintings page 2
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Animals and pets oil paintings
Clippers and Boats
Cottages oil paintings
Discount Oil paintings
Discount oil paintings Page 1
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Floral reproduction Paintings Old Masters Style
Oil paintings of Flowers
Oil paintings of Flower 8x10
Roybal oil paintings page 1 size 16x20 inches
J Roybal oil paintings page 2 size 16x20 inches
Roybal oil paintings page 3 size 16x20 inches
Roybal oil paintings page 4 size 16x20 inches
Roybal oil paintings page 5 size 16x20 inches
Roybal oil paintings page 6 size 8x10 inches
Roybal oil paintings page 7 size 8x10 inches
Roybal oil paintings page 8 size 8x10 inches
Roybal oil paintings page 9 size 8x10 inches
Roybal oil paintings page 10 size 8x10 inches
J Roybal paintings size 20x24 inches
J Roybal paintings 1 size 20x24 inches
J Roybal paintings 2 size 20x24 inches
J Roybal paintings 3 size 20x24 inches
J Roybal paintings 4 size 20x24 inches
J Roybal paintings size 24x36 inches
Mediterranean oil paintings
Modern oil paintings fine art reproductions
Landscapes oil paintings
Landscapes oil paintings Page 2
Landscapes oil paintings Page 3
Landscapes oil paintings Page 4
Seascape and Ocean oil paintings
Seascape and Ocean oil paintings
Starving Artists size 24x36 page 1
Starving Artists size 24x36 page 2
Starving Artists size 24x36 page 3
Starving Artists size 20x24
Still Life paintings
Still Life oil paintings Page 2
Old Masters Still Life 8x10 Page 1
Old Masters Still Life 8x10 Page 2
Street of Europe oil paintings
Street of Europe oil paintings
Women Oil paintings
Women oil paintings 8x10
Women Nude size 20x24
Women Ballet

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Quality Solid wood Frames to match any paintings including Ornate Frames. All frames are in standard sizes and in stock.

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