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Order your oil painting reproduction of famous artists on canvas

Oil painting portrait from photo.

You get the best painting artists for oil painting from photo.

Oil paintings portrait are hand painted on quality canvas done from any photo or print.

Any custom sizes
Oil Paintings portrait from antique photo

Hand painted Portrait paintings, oil paintings from photo on a reproduction or museum painting or image of any old portrait painting or your photo on a museum portrait

Art Liquidation bring quality hand painted oil painting on canvas at low price. Oil painting portrait with your requirements.

Share a painting portrait of your parents or loved one or pet with an oil painting portrait from photo.

Oil painting portrait from a wedding photo or anniversary is a great gift.

Honor someone by having an oil painting portrait for decoration or office.

Most orders shipped from Greeneville, TN
Some paintings can be shipped directly from the artists in other states

Any photo to oil painting portrait. All size canvas paintings of baby, pet, wedding, building ...

Portrait Prices starting as low as:
16 x 20 = $160.
20 x 24 = $190.
24 x 36 = $270.
30 x 40 = $380.
36 x 48 = $480.
48 x 60 = $580.
48 x 72 = $780.

Building or house oil painting

Oil painting portrait of pets, baby, building, weeding, graduation ...

We capture the likeness of the subject from your photo. You get your quality painting on canvas at the lowest price.Hand painted oil painting on canvas from photo of children, baby, wedding, vacation, pets

Portrait Prices as low as:

16 x 20 = $160.
20 x 24 = $180.
24 x 36 = $240.
30 x 40 = $360.
36 x 48 = $420.
48 x 60 = $480.
48 x 72 = $580.

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All sizes available
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How to pick a photo: Your paintings are done from photos that you send to us. Choosing the photo is important. Better details on the photos and better the painting will be. The best pose are with an element of surprise in moments of thoughts or daydreaming, laughing or talking while working or reading. The key is avoiding mechanical poses or fake smiles like your school book picture.

Customers Comments:

I could not be more pleased with the painting. You did not have much of a picture to work from, but the painting was done beautifully. I thank you so much. This painting is a gift to my husband of his grandmother who raised him. She past away several years ago. I expect that the beautiful painting will bring him to tears. Thank you D.S.

I got my picture today and
I LOVE IT You should put the picture on your web site! The way you guys fixed it up, to make it look like this is great, you guys did a WONDERFUL job!!! B.A.

Received the painting today and it looks outstanding! Thanks for all your help. Sincerely B.T.

I ordered a portrait from you, this is an absolutely beautiful portrait, everyone loved the portrait and I have had several requests for information on your company J.B.

Thank you for providing work to local artists.

Antique painting Portrait reproduction on canvas of George Washington

An authentic oil painting hand painted portrait of a loved one, a famous artist, president, wedding, baby, pet or your image or photo or print reproduce as an oil painting portrait on canvas. Place your head on a museum masterpiece portrait or make some changes to your photos...

Pet Portrait
Dog, Cat, Horse ...Pet Portrait painting from photo or picture

Portrait of your pet, dog cat horse ...

Your painting can be set in one of our frame


Oil painting portrait from photo.
Portrait painting of family, baby, wedding, pet ... Painting portrait from your old photo, antique print, group photo, print and picture.

Guaranteed Satisfaction, superior customer service and quality hand portrait painting from any photo in all sizes. Best artists, quality paints and canvas for exceptional value.

Group photos for your family portrait
Change background and group photos for family portrait Paintings from many photos, heirloom for future generations Photos for family portrait

Authentic hand painted oil painting portrait from photo or print, old paintings, portraits, old photo, baby, family, wedding, pet or anything painted on canvas by fine art artist ...

Quality portrait Wedding and Anniversary Portrait Portrait from picutes and photos

No one sells same quality paintings for less
Your portrait can also be set in a FRAME

Artists Oil Paintings Portraits from photo and prints done to your requirements

Wedding Portraits from your wedding photo
Wedding portraitChange background on wedding portrait  Wedding portrait from photographeRemove or add to your wedding portrait

ART LIQUIDATION has impressive portfolio of oil painting portrait from photo of babies, children, pets, faces in costumes, family, weddings, engagement, anniversary, heirloom photos, famous work of art, famous people life size figure, museum paintings ...

Fine art Portrait from Master Artists:
ART LIQUIDATION provide an opportunity to own a beautifully detailed fine art oil painting portrait for price competitive with photographs prints or paint over prints. Professional artists capture the likeness of the subjects that only oil painting on canvas can provide.

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Ordering oil painting portrait from photo is easy; upload your photo, picture or image and receive a top grade oil painting on canvas; your painting is hand painted by a portraitist artist and completed in about 5 weeks. Prices for oil painting portrait from photo includes shipping cost.

Portrait from Black & White photo:
ART LIQUIDATION can reproduce your black and white photos as a hand painted oil painting portrait in color with all details.
Old photo to portaitPortrait from family black and white image

Old photo to oil painting portraitColor portrait from black and white

Changes can be made to your painting:
Order your painting with an artistic background, remove jewelry or change color of clothing; you can also add or delete people, change the background or place your painting in an old master landscape.
Oil painting portrait from photo of babies, children, pets, family, weddings, engagement, anniversary, heirloom photos, famous people

Bring back memories of heirloom photos with beautiful, timeless oil canvas paintings that will be cherished by generations to come. Oil painting portrait from photo gives an opportunity to surprise someone with a gift or to honor someone that is no longer with us.

Special Painting from photoAntique Portrait  Oil painting Pet Portrait

Portraits and Reproductions Quality:
Fine art masterpiece oil painting reproductions and oil painting portrait from photo are painted using the best materials for lasting paintings.
Our artists turn your photo into a high quality painting. Oil paintings add class to any decor and quality painting is a timeless treasure.

Price and satisfaction:
For same quality painting, no one sells for less. Original hand painted oil painting portrait at prices that you can afford. Your satisfaction is paramount: You receive courteous prompt and quality work. Communications is easy. You receive images of your painting when completed by the artist for approval; corrections are made till you are completely satisfied.

Easy Ordering:
Send your photo with your requirements by EMAIL or using the FORM page. We make certain that we understand clearly what you want. You confirm your acceptance by making the payment and we start your painting. The painting can be sent to you on stretcher bars or in a frame.

The quality of portrait painting will astonish you. Paintings you will be proud to display and the talk of everyone who will look at them.

Order your paintings in a frames, we have unbeatable values.

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Oil painting are hand painted on quality canvas