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Oil painting portrait on canvas from photo, antique family portrait painting from pictures, baby, pets, wedding

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Oil Paintings of Famous Artists, Painting Portrait Reproductions of museum fine art masters

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The purpose of this page is to inform buyers for quality in paintings, money saving ideas and answers to popular questions.

We sell only oil paintings on canvas that are hand painted

Art Liquidation
bring to you a real original hand painted fine art oil painting on canvas at the best price in the industry. All our oil painting reproductions are of the highest quality and all are hand painted oil paintings.

Oil Paintings portrait and Reproductions of the highest quality from fine art artists for more then 30 years

Most of the paintings you see online for sale are produce in China. We encourage local artists by providing outlets to sell their art.

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How to stretch a painting

Solving some canvas problems

How to use colors

Canvas on a hardboard

About size for frame purchase and matching paintings to frames and setting paintings in a frame

Art Liquidation Oil Paintings
Fine Art Reproductions and Portraits
promotes hand painted oil painting works from starving artists specializing in Portrait and Fine Art Old Master Reproductions from museum paintings and images.

By providing these pages, we hope to inform and promote awareness and appreciation for local artists and the arts.

We share this page with all art lovers. We have been copied from most all other sites selling paintings on line, sometimes almost word for words. We are the original; others come and go with sophisticated web site or marketing shims, we have been selling oil paintings since the 70's without gimmicks.

Stretch or not Stretch oil painting canvas Stretching the canvas properly is important and can add much to the cost of the painting depending by whom the work is done and the size of the painting. When purchasing an oil painting and frame from us, we can stretch the canvas and set your oil painting in a frame. For information on stretching a canvas go to Canvas Stretching or visit this page to purchase Stretcher Bars. Paintings from China or other countries are ship rolled. Our paintings can be ship rolled, on stretcher bars  or set in a Frame

Certificate of AUTHENTICITY
Certificate of Authenticity has no value unless it is issued by a qualified and respected person with all its easily verifiable contact information and all its qualifications clearly stated on the certificate with a signature. Certificate of Authenticity are mainly for collectors and should include the title of the art, names and references listing the art, the date, size, name of gallery or all pertinent information about the art. To be valid a Certificate of Authenticity must meet even more criteria then mentioned above. Most Certificate of Authenticity of art purchase on line are of no value and meaningless. Certificate of authenticity are simply used as a sale gimmick by website for value added. A certificate of Authenticity certainly cannot be issued for a reproduction as many site do!

Varnishing Oil Paintings
Protect your oil painting from heat sources, humidity and light; the ultraviolet portion of the light spectrum is by far the most damaging to your art work. Varnish will give some protection to your oil painting, We use Damar varnish, you can purchase this varnish in most art supply stores, you must wait about a year for the paint to totally dry on the canvas before applying this varnish.

Quality in Paintings
Important facts when purchasing oil paintings and points to consider: We have many competitors and there are vast varieties of qualities in oil paintings and materials used can vary greatly including canvas, quality of paints and artists. Our portraits and reproductions are of the highest quality. Our artists do original oil painting work and museum copy reproductions. Our artists products are of the highest quality because of the accuracy and the quality materials we use, from paint to canvas and attention to small details that are often forgotten by others.

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