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Gallery of Most Popular Artists Reproductions:

Agasse J Laurent
Buttersworth J E
Boucher Francois
Botticelli Sandro
Bouguereau William
Brown Ford Madox
Brugel Pieter
Cassatt Mary
Cezanne Paul
Constable John
Da Vinci Leonardo
Degas Edgar
Delacroix Eugene
Gauguin Paul
Gerome Jean Leon
Goya Francisco de
Homer Winslow
Ingres Jean A D
Landseer Edwin
Leighton Lord Frederick
Lepage Jules Bastien
Lorraine Claude
Macke August
Manet Edouard
Marc Franz
Monet Claude
Moore A Joseph
Pissarro Camille
Reni Guido
Renoir Pierre
Rembrandt van Rijn
Rubens Peter Paul
Gabriel Dante Rossetti
Tadema Sir Alma
Klimt Gustav
Van Gogh

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Did you know that many museum have many reproductions on there walls?
That is right, museum are full of fakes or reproductions of original paintings just like the ones we offer on this site painted by our fine art artists.
The museum often display a copy of the original even if they have the real original on hand displaying the copy for security reasons.

We do not release copyrights of paintings or provide additional information other than the information
on our website about the paintings or artists.

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Frequently Asked

How are your paintings done

What makes you better then the competition

Can your artists produce any paintings

What style of art work do you have

How long before delivery of my painting

If I am not satisfied with my painting what can I do

How do I receive my painting

What happen to the photos I send you

When and how do I pay you

How do you figure your shipping charges

Who will be delivering my painting

I want to buy many paintings, do I get a discount

Why are prices so low

What is stretching

How to ship a painting


Order your paintings stretched and framed, look at the low prices on FRAMES, we have unbeatable values.

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About Frames
The dimension listed for the frames is the dimensions of the painting that fits inside of the frame.

How to choose a frame?
Choose a frame that will complement some of the colors of the painting so not to distract from the art. The style of the frame should match or enhence the painting, what is in your decor or the colors of the walls should be of little importance, your furniture and wall colors will change in time but the painting and frame will remain the same. Ornate frames can bring a rich contour to even modern paintings and most impressionists paintings, portraits, modern nudes and just about any paintings you will see at museums except for abstracts; Ornate frames are at there best when framing reproductions paintings of fine art masterpieces.

Framing a painting
Place the frame face down on a soft surface not to scratch the face of the frame, set the painting in the opening of the frame, you can insert a specialty clip (sold in hobby shops and frame shops) on each side of the frame and use small screws to hold them in place, and other method is to push a finish nail through the stretcher bars to the side of the frame (no hammering).

What I think ???
A bit about my philosophy ...
Life is better when you take chances.

Feel better don't hide who you really are.

We don't have enough fun in our lives so do the stuff that really matters to you.

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No one sells same quality oil paintings on stretcher bars and set in a frame for less

Still life oil paintings hand painted in any size. Get the best paintings at the lowest prices from fine art artists

How are your paintings done ?
Museum reproductions are hand painted oil paintings on canvas as accurate as possible to the original masterpiece oil paintings or images. Your oil painting reproductions on canvas and portraits are done by talented fine art artists from the U.S. and other countries. Oil paintings are without compare to the lifeless
prints, transfers or giclee. We never use computer enhancements, canvas transfer or other short cuts. We do only hand painted oil paintings on canvas.

What makes us better ?
Our artists do original work one of a kind and/or fine art museum old masters reproductions masterpiece. Our oil paintings reproductions are of the highest quality because of the accuracy and the quality materials that we use from paint to canvas and the attention to details that are forgotten by others. We provide free stretching on many standard sizes oil paintings upon request and varnish your paintings using the same varnish used on priceless paintings, Damar varnish.

Can your artists produce any paintings ?
We have several thousands of oil paintings available at all time, some in stock some directly from the artists. In addition we have paintings on commission to our artists to create paintings to add to our collection on a continuous basis. Our artists can create paintings from family photo images, your favorite photos or base on your images. Museum and Old Masters reproduction oil paintings need be 70 years old or more. We can make a reproduction oil painting on canvas of any image that is not copyright, including your photos in any size you wish and the painting made to your specification.

What style of art work do you have ?
The finest oil paintings hand painted Reproductions on the market at the best possible prices of your favorite artists in the style of Cezanne, David, Da Vinci, Degas, Gauguin, Gogh, Goya, Kadinski, Klimt, Macke, Matisse, Miro, Monet, Pissarro, Raphael, Renoir, Rossetti, Rousseau, Sisley, Van Gogh and all the Masters. We have landscapes, figures, still life, nudes, seascapes, flowers, women, contemporary, abstract, modernism, impressionism, surrealism, traditional, renaissance, woman, classical and more. Don't let our low prices fool you. The quality of the paintings in the Master Collections will astonish you. These are paintings that you will be proud to display and they will be the talk of everyone who looks at them.

How do I receive my Painting ?
All paintings are ship rolled. Paintings in stock are sometimes on stretcher bars or set in a frame. Only standard sizes bars and frames are available.

How long before delivery of my painting ?
Custom paintings, portraits and fine art reproductions of masterpiece are painted in about 5 weeks including the drying time for a quality painting and attention to details creating your quality fine art oil painting and the time for the paint to dry.

If not satisfied with my painting what then ?
We are committed to providing you with an accurate and highest quality oil painting on canvas done entirely by hand. Our fine art painters provide the highest quality reproductions or portrait and your painting is a custom work of art. We inspect your painting carefully before shipping. We communicate any problem we might have from your photos and answer all questions promptly. Your satisfaction is paramount, we make corrections to your painting till you are pleased with your completed painting.

If for some reason you are not happy with the painting in stock you have purchase, you may return it or exchange it within 5 days in its original condition and packaging and we will refund your money less shipping charges and 15% to 40% restocking fee. All Sales are Final for custom order including ALL stretched and framed paintings. You may not return most items sold by Art Liquidation like stretcher bars, frames and tools. If there is a return authorized and it is a result of our error, we will also pay the return shipping cost. Please note that we are unable to exchange items.

What happen to the photos I send you ?
When receiving your photos via mail, we place them in a plastic
envelope for protection against damage and we will return them
to you in the carton with the oil painting. Copyrights for digital images and photos are the customer responsibility; we cannot verify the images provenance.

When and how do I pay you ?
Fill in information on the email page including the size painting and specifications that are important to you or changes you want to have made to the image etc. We need to understand clearly the type painting and requirements that are important to assure your satisfaction with your finish oil painting. You can send a check, money order or pay by credit card over the phone or through PayPal.

I don't have a PayPal account ?
If you have received a PayNow button or purchasing directly from the website no need to have a PayPal account, simply click on as shown below
Paying by credit card with PayPal

How do you figure your shipping charges ?
You pay actual shipping, handling and packaging cost for special orders; orders are shipped FREE for paintings in stock. You pay only the cost to ship the painting with no added fees for U.S. orders and $38 or actual cost for order to other country. If you need stretching bars, stretched paintings or framed paintings, see the charges on the shipping page. To insure your painting, the cost is about $1 per $100. If you order a painting ship rolled, shipping is free.

Who will be delivering my painting and what
happen if my order is damaged ?
We use FedEx Ground www.fedex.com and USPS Priority Mail www.usps.com for shipment in U.S. and Canada and USPS International for other shipment. If your Item is damaged, make a claim directly with the shipper as soon as you can and keep all the packaging.

I want many paintings, do I get a discount ?
Our prices are very low, the lowest in the industry. We operate at the wholesale, retail and commission level. When purchasing many paintings, you will recieve the best discount possible. If you are a reseller, a gallery, hotel manager and purchase oil paintings, please ask for a quote, we will work within your budget.

Why are prices so low ?
ART LIQUIDATION buy, sell, import and export. Our low pricing are providing work to starving artist by assuring work in moments of needs and doing the legwork by providing clients artists associations and securing qualified artists and quality. Don't let our low prices fool you. The quality of the paintings in the Master Collections will astonish you. These are paintings that you will be proud to display and will be the talk of everyone who looks at them.

Stretching :
ART LIQUIDATION sells oil paintings that are stretched on wood bars ready to set in a frame or not stretch. Stretching the canvas properly is important and can add a lot to the cost of a painting depending by whom the work is done, the size and the type of bars. To do the work yourself, go to Misc.Info page. We stretch and sell bars in the most popular sizes at the stretcher bar page

How to ship paintings :
Oil paintings are fragile and need special care when being shipped, a painting need to be protected front and back, usually with a cardboard and bubble wrap. There is also a more expensive method by using custom built wooden crates. Many professional artists and galleries shipping expensive paintings to collectors, show gallery or expo use the wooden crates to impress and for fool proof results. Paintings from overseas ( China, Taiwan, India, Thailand ) are always ship rolled since shipping cost to other country would be very expensive if on stretcher bars or set in a frame. Paintings can be shipped safely when well packaged in cardboard and bubble wrap.

PayPal for payment
or sending money ?
Paying by credit card using PayPal is the most secure way to purchase, you receive a PayNow button for your payment or you purchase directly from the web site. When clicking the link you are taken to a secure payment page where you enter your credit card and billing information and your shipping information. The transaction when completed, you will see a successful transaction page confirming your order. Email is then sent to you and to Art Liquidation detailing your order. Your money is transferred immediately. You do not need an account with PayPal, your information is not shared with us and is the most secure.

Thank you for your business.