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On this page, learn how to stretch your own painting on canvas or how to place your canvas on a hardboard. Learn how to package your painting for shipment and solve problem with sagging canvas and a bit of help on how to pick a frame for your painting.

We sell only oil paintings on canvas that are hand painted with quality paint and material, see the colors we use and how your painting will be done on this page

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Highest quality Oil Paintings portrait and Reproductions from local artists for more then 30 years, we do not print on canvas and paint over, only hand painted oil paintings done by hand from start to finish

Most paintings online from other sites are produce in China. We encourage local artists by providing outlets to sell their art and we hope you will too.

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How to ship paintings :
Oil paintings are fragile and need special care when being shipped, a painting need to be protected front and back, usually with a cardboard and bubble wrap. There is also a more expensive method by using custom built wooden crates. Many professional artists and galleries shipping expensive paintings to collectors, show gallery or expo use the wooden crates to impress and for fool proof results. Paintings from overseas ( China, Taiwan, India, Thailand ) are always ship rolled since shipping cost to other country would be very expensive if on stretcher bars or set in a frame. Paintings can be shipped safely when well packaged in cardboard and bubble wrap.

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Hand painted oil painting art and artist works from artists specializing in Portrait and Fine Art Master Reproductions copy from museum paintings and other images, photos, prints.

These pages are to inform and promote art of local artists and answer common questions

We are the original; others come and go with there web site or marketing shims, we sell oil paintings since the 70's without gimmicks.

Stretch oil painting on canvas
Stretching the canvas need to be done properly. When purchasing an oil painting from us we can stretch the canvas and set your painting in one of our frame.

Information on stretching a canvas
Paintings from China are ship rolled. Our paintings can be ship rolled, on stretcher bars and/or set in our frame depending on size and distance. First you will need stretcher bars, canvas pliers, a staple gun or small hammer with tacks. Make sure your stretcher bars form a frame perfectly square. To make sure that your frame is square, measure from corner to corner in diagonal and make sure that both measurements are equal. If you are stretching a big canvas, add a wood strip in the center to prevent bowing. Place the oil painting on a clean surface, so you wont damage the painting, with the painted side facing down. Place the stretcher strip frame on top of the painting making sure that it is properly centered. On one of the short sides of the stretcher frame, fold the canvas over the edge of the frame and staple at the center of the strip of wood. Next, go to the opposite side, using canvas pliers to grip the canvas with a firm pull until you get a nice straight crease in the center of the canvas and while maintaining the tension, place a staple in the center of that side. The next step is to follow the same procedure for the two other sides, making sure that the canvas is stretch on all four sides in the middle, held by staples or tacks. Moving the pliers about two inches on one side of the staple that you just applied, pull firmly again and staple. You now have three staples on each side. Repeat the procedure in both directions from the center of each side of the painting, adding a staple at the time to each side till the work is completed. For the corners, the last two inches remaining needs to be folded and the excess material tucked in neatly and then stapled. We carry 5 sizes of stretcher bars and canvas pliers.

Canvas problems
Is your canvas rippling or sagging? The causes can vary from humidity, sudden changes in temperature, cool air, heat, airflow etc. For transport do not set your art flat, place it upright. Hanging your painting over the air duct is not a good idea it will develop premature wrinkles from the air circulation and the dust; a humid areas might add a nice coating of mildew; so make sure that you find a nice comfortable, undisturbed place for your new painting. Other causes for rippling and sagging, was the canvas stretched over manufactured stretcher bars or custom made bars? If it's the bars that are hand assembled, the easiest solution is inserting wooden flat wedges into the inside corners of the stretcher bars and gently tapping them to restore tension to the canvas. When we stretch your painting, there is plenty of canvas left for easy re stretching. One more trick known as the drummer's method is by moistening the back of the canvas with a spray bottle while the painting is still in its frame then holding it over gentle heat. This will cause the canvas to tighten as the canvas dries.

More information about stretching
Stretching the canvas and stapling the side is a normal practice and the right way of stretching the canvas. If you visit your art supply store, all the pre-stretch canvases are manufactured that way. The side of the painting where the staples are should be cover by your frame. Standard stretcher bars will not hold your painting without extra support from a frame and will warp in a short time. Most paintings are stapled on the side for more stretching power and your canvas will not sag as much and as quickly as when stretch and stapled in the back. The exception to the above is when heavy duty stretcher bars are use, Gallery Wrap bars, the painting is to be hanging on the wall without a frame; this requires sturdier canvas and lots of extra canvas to cover the sides that are almost 2 inches wide and more canvas is needed to staple in the back of the bar.

Want to know more about how your oil painting will be done by me or our artists or how to yourself start oil painting on canvas

There are lots of way to do an oil painting and all the methods are good as long as you use the material correctly. Anyone with a bit of practice, a little patience can achieve wonderful results. Here is how I do it. First important point to understand is that you want to make as many color combination as possible with the fewer color tubes of paint as possible. I use the colors from the tube in very small quantity and invent and mixed as I go when needed and use what pleases me. My basic palette is limited to the following colors tubes: White, Cadmium Red, Orange and Yellow, Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Burt Sienna, Raw Umber, Burt Umber, Alizarin Crimson, Permanent Green, Sap Green, Viridian, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Phtalo Blue. With these tubes I can mix all colors. When I start a new canvas, I use my left over for background by applying the paint thinly. I use as little paint as possible to start, defining what will take place on this new painting. Some paints are very expensive, they contain no filler; expensive paints contain more pigments and no filler such as chalk or beeswax and can be applied very thinly with a strong coloring power, this paint is use for the portraits and reproductions paintings. The cheaper paints can be applied thickly with a palette knife and the fillers will keep the thick layer in good condition for the longest time. I like having jars full of brushes but I use very few of them. I start my painting with a large brush to mark the large areas and add more detail work with smaller brushes as the painting progress. The lighting is important, never try to paint under the perfect light; instead use light similar to were the painting will be displayed so the overall painting will be pleasant to look at.

Want to place a canvas on a hard board,
how is this done ?

Use hide glue for this project, this glue requires no heating or mixing and you have plenty of time to remove wrinkles and make your surface. Available in all hardware stores.

About Frames
The dimension listed for the frames is the dimensions of the painting that fits inside of the frame. Don't forget to add the molding measurements for the frame to all sides for the space the framed painting will take on your wall.

How to choose a frame ?
Choose a frame that will complement some of the colors of the painting so not to distract from the art. The style of the frame should match or enhence the painting, what is in your decor or the colors of the walls should be of little importance, your furniture and wall colors will change in time but the painting and frame will remain the same. Ornate frames can bring a rich contour to even modern paintings and most impressionists paintings, portraits, modern nudes and just about any paintings you will see at museums except for abstracts; Ornate frames are at there best when framing reproductions paintings of fine art masterpieces.
Framing a painting is easy, place the frame face down on a soft surface not to scratch the face of the frame, set the painting in the opening of the frame, you can insert a specialty clip (sold in hobby shops and frame shops) on each side of the frame and use small screws to hold them in place, and other method is to push a finish nail through the stretcher bars to the side of the frame (no hammering).