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Art Liquidation
bring to you a real original hand painted fine art oil painting on canvas at the best price in the industry. All our oil painting reproductions are of the highest quality and all are hand painted oil paintings. The quality of the oil paintings in the Famous Artists Collection will astonish you. Paintings you will be proud to display and they will be the talk of everyone who looks at them. Take a look at the testimonials.

By providing these pages, we hope to promote awareness and appreciation for the arts.

We can copy your antique paintings. Oil paintings portrait and reproduction hand painted on canvas from your Original Oil Paintings or photos.

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Fine Art Oil Paintings and Fine Art Frames

Restoring and conserving your inherited antique paintings and antique frames will give them a new appeal and put them in good shape for the next generations. To sell them you need to clean and repair them to enhance their value.

The Framery and Gallery at Decor Antiques
Repair torn paintings with linen patches with a special wax. The tear is then re-painted to match. Severely damaged paintings, paintings that are losing paint or paintings with rotten original canvas are re-lined using this technique, repairing any tears, catching and adhering the painting's chips, and providing new support.

Art & Old Print Restoration
Oil paintings cleaned, resized as well as re-stretching of canvas. Oil painting cleaning and restoration work of the highest quality, using minimal intervention and following the ethical restoration standards in reversibility.

Antique Art or Painting Restoration Techniques
Antique Art and Painting Restoration of antique art painting is as simple as cleaning it and giving it a new coat of varnish. Extensive cleaning is required if the antique art oil painting has a deep yellow cast to it, which is caused by old varnish or nicotine tar...

The Painting Doctor
Specializing in the Restoration of Oil Paintings

Cleaning, repair of damage, in painting and varnish.

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